Tools Straightening Machine

The Tools Straightening Machine is a robust piece of equipment designed to rectify deformations in various types of metal profiles. It operates by applying precise force to transform misshapen pieces into straightened materials, rendering them suitable for various industrial applications. These machines are often employed in industries such as construction, automotive, and manufacturing, where the structural integrity of materials is paramount.

Application Of Tools

Concrete drill bit
Screw Bits
Screw Bits
Screwdriver Bits

Concrete Cement Stone Wall Drill Bit

  • SDS Cross Plated Titanium 
  • The diameter of the drill bit is 12mm
  • The length of the drill bit is 310mm
  • Straighten 400 pieces per hours
Regarding the straightening machine , it is a good solutions for making the good quality drill bit. It can save much the labor force and improving the straightening performance.

Tools Straightening Process Video

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