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Workpieces Solution By Straightening Machine

You do not yet know exactly which machine concept is the right one to solve your problem? No problem at all!

Here you will find a variety of different workpieces for which we already have a solution. Maybe your workpiece type is already included. We will be happy to recommend the right machine concept for you.


Straightening Machines Processes

During an auto-straightening cycle, all the operator needs to do is load and unload parts either on a conveyor or directly into the straightener. Then simply press the “auto start” button. The entire process is then automated:

Measure the bend defect -> Locate the straightening points -> Press and straighten -> Check that the bend is removed.

Product Straightening Machines

At U BRIGHT SOLUTIONS, we provide our customers with solutions that can help them streamline their product manufacturing processes. Our straightening machines range from simple to complex and come equipped with advanced features that help make precision work easier. With our suite of products, users are able to tailor the process to meet their exact specifications and ensure quality results every time.

Our experienced team of engineers can provide customized consultancy services to ensure that you get the most out of your machines. We also provide comprehensive product training, so users are able to understand how to use the machines and maximize their potential.

Our commitment is to help our customers reach their manufacturing goals. Our machinery is designed with our user’s needs in mind, enabling them to work efficiently and effectively, while ensuring a high-quality output.



Products range

Can do manual straightener, hand shrank straightener and Automatic straightener machine.


24 hours response

Fast reply within 24hours, well-trained sellers. Engineers make communication easy. Can you chat tool as whatsapp, wechat, email.


300+ customers

We supply straightener globally and have over 300’s of importer, distributor, wholeseller, contractor across the Europe, Asia and America.


3 years warranty

Adopt presion bearings, Heat treatment. Hardness reach 55-58°


3-4 new items/month

More than 5 engineers focus on new design, and suit for new products.


10 years experience

Special on wire and tube straightening machine since 2008, worthy of trust.

Work With Me

Sunrise Mechatronic Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of round bar stock, straightening machine, straightening machine, straightening machine, centerless grinding machine, rolling machine, cylindrical grinding machine and other special equipment for automatic loading and unloading. 

CK-501 Hydraulic Straightening Machine With Auto Feeding​
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