About Us

Sunrise Mechatronic Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of round bar stock, straightening machine, straightening machine, straightening machine, centerless grinding machine, rolling machine, cylindrical grinding machine and other special equipment for automatic loading and unloading. The self-developed models are: automatic straightening machine, precision hydraulic straightening machine, round bar material straightening machine, bolt straightening machine, steel pipe straightening machine, torsion bar, half shaft straightening machine, hydraulic desktop straightening machine, automatic feeder, feeder.

My Mission

The products are widely used in all kinds of machinery industry, such as standard parts, textile machinery, automobile and motorcycle parts machine tools, motor shaft and other industries. The straightening machine is specially used for all kinds of shafts that need to be straightened after quenching and bending deformation, such as automobile and motorcycle shock absorber shafts and other shaft parts (copper rods, aluminum rods, steel tubes, bolts, etc.). 

This series of equipments can meet the requirements of straightening, feeding and receiving as required by the customers, and there is no trace after straightening. The feeding machine can be used with centerless grinder, straightening machine, heat treatment equipment, automatic CNC lathe, instrument lathe; it can realize automatic feeding, straightening, centerless grinding, receiving, one person multi-machine operation, connecting multiple equipments into an assembly line to save a lot of manpower for the customers, and at the same time, it has the features of saving time, saving materials and reducing production cost. This series of equipment can also be customized according to the special requirements of customers.

My Goals

  • Enterprise purpose: enterprise-oriented, social responsibility, create wealth, improve self.
  • Enterprise spirit: focus on product quality, reduce production costs, carry forward the team spirit, and create new glory together.
  • Strategic policy: win by quality, adjust structure, broaden market, reduce cost and increase efficiency.
  • Quality policy: people-oriented, quality competition, overall optimization, continuous improvement.
  • People-oriented: In view of the requirements of enterprise management and product quality, we organize staff training on laws, regulations and basic knowledge of quality system documents to improve the comprehensive quality of staff, and form a new mechanism and live measures for nurturing and employing people, so as to continuously adapt to the requirements of the market and the development of the enterprise.
  • Quality competition: market-oriented, create a brand-name strategy, the use of corrective and preventive measures, as well as product protection measures, identification and realization of product requirements, to win by quality, so as to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Overall optimization: armed with a new corporate culture and spirit of team building, establish corporate system innovation, technological innovation and management innovation, promote sustainable, rapid and healthy development of the enterprise, so that the culture blends into the quality, quality blends into the market, and ultimately achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Continuous Improvement: Seek development through innovation, make continuous improvement on the effectiveness of quality system, product performance, customer service, etc., and continuously launch competitive products to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Business philosophy: first-class quality, reasonable price, timely delivery, satisfactory service.
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