Shafts Straightening Machine

Automatic Shaft Straightening Machine It has a wide range of applications, ranging from shafts for various automobiles and high-precision office supplies to various shafts for construction machinery.

Application Of Shafts Straightening

Gear Rack

Gear Shaft

Gear Shaft 5 straightening points straightening accuracy: 0.05 mm output: 60 pcs/hr

Shafts Straightening

Shaft Straightening

Main shaft of gear box 3 straightening points straightening accuracy: 0.02 mm output: 60 – 90 pcs/hr

Crank Shaft

Crank Shaft

2 straightening points straightening accuracy: 0.03 mm output: 120 pcs/hr

Axle shafts

5 straightening points straightening accuracy: the ends 0.10 mm, middle 0.20 mm output: 40 – 60 pcs/hr

Shafts Straightening Process Video

With the right Shafts Straightening Machine


straighten very accurately

long, slim ball screws for textile machines that run at particularly high speeds, or steering racks with asymmetrical cross-sections that tolerate no compromises in accuracy


avoid cracks consistently

Slim, often hollow parts with special cross-sections and offsets in the cross-sections are sensitive. For these parts, pressure-straightening is the process of choice.


measure gear teeth exactly

Important for all shafts that transmit torque.

Product Straightening Machines

Hydraulic Straightening Machine

Product Features For Shafts Straightening Machine


To ensure test accuracy, use a high-precision displacement sensor while constructing and processing test fixtures.


Equipped with high-precision position control loading system to improve alignment accuracy.


Coordinating and managing the various components to shorten the straightening process beat.


Perfect abnormal situation alarm prompt information to facilitate equipment maintenance.


has a 16g memory card to store processing information, reserved communication link with the host computer.


Quick change tooling and fixtures, parameterized adjustment and changeover, automated tool setup.

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