How to straighten Concrete Drill Bit

Automatic straightening machine for concrete dill bit

As per the video , you can see that there is the pushing force to make the bits straightness which is also inspected by the mounted runout tester to ensure the straightness or runout.

Concrete Drill Bit

In the realm of construction and engineering, drill bits play a pivotal role in creating openings in various materials such as concrete, marble, and ceramics.

However, one common challenge faced by professionals in this field is the deformation of drill bits due to variations in shaft diameters, often necessitating straightening before further use.

Traditionally, this process was labor-intensive, requiring manual straightening with hammers, consuming significant manpower and time.

Concrete Drill Bit Straightening Machine

This is a PLC controlled machine , so there is no need the software. We only just need to set the progrom in the PLC screen.

It is a good solutions for making the good quality screw driver. It can save much the labor force and improving the straightening performance.

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