The best solution of cut and straighten medical 304ss wire

wire straightening and cutting machine

wire straightening and cutting machine

1. Adopt PLC program control, servo flying shearing, and stepless speed change of wire feeding.

Easy to operate, stable and efficient;

2. Using double-axis forward and reverse straightening, the wire has no twist or spring deformation;

3. The reasonable mechanism is equipped with targeted straightening grinding tools, suitable for straightening and blanking of metal thin wires with high surface requirements;

4. It has automatic shutdown functions such as broken wires, wireless wires, twisted wires, etc., output setting and safety detection functions.

diameter 0.356

Cutting wire diameter 0.2-0.8MM

Cutting length range: more than 5mm

Wire feeding speed: adjustable speed 5-8 meters / minute

Length error: 0.15mm

Straightening material: 304SS spring steel

Feeding frame: roller type

Wire feeding motor: 1.5w with reducer

Straightening motor: customized adjustable speed motor

Cutting motor: servo motor

Guide module: Taiwan

Number of wire feeding groups: 2+1 (6 pairs of wheels)

Control screen: touch screen

Number of straightening blocks: 14

Wire range: 0.2-0.8mm

Straighteness accuracy:0.1mm/meter

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