Medical Wire Straightening Machine

Medical Wire cutting Straightening Machine​ is specially designed type of straightening machine by our research and development team. In addition, the Medical Wire cutting Straightening Machine delivers material automatically.

  • It is suitable for the processing of precision straightening and cutting products of various metal wires and capillary (hollow) pipes such as gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum, titanium, molybdenum, stainless steel, spring steel, etc.
  • Accurate and efficient, stable performance and easy to operate.
  • The cut is smooth and the surface is smooth without scratches or damage.
  • The equipment has automatic operation stability detection, early warning, alarm function and output setting function.
  • Widely used in: aerospace, auto parts, electronic appliances, medical equipment, precision instruments, wire crafts, electric shafts and other industries.

Application Of Medical Wire Straightening

Medical Wire Straightening Process Video

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Proprietary Twin Arbor Counter Rotating System ideal for high tensile wire (generally in excess of 100K PSI)

High Speed Counter Rotary Arbors have 5 die positions for flexibility in straightening all types of high tensile wire. Specialty dies provide desired wire finishes.

Positive Stop Gauge Rod And Release Mechanism virtually eliminates scrap from wedging, while providing operator rapid and easy adjustment and set up

Edge sensing proximity sensor target coupled with our proprietary pneumatically controlled tripping mechanism provides instantaneous activation of a synchronous clutch and cam cut-off system, minimizing dwell time on the shear and allowing for a precision cut within 1/64”

Product Medical Wire Straightening Machines

Medical Wire Straightening Machine

UBS9012 Medical Wire Straightening Machine

The UBS series medical wire cutting straightening machine is suitable for a wide range of wire diameters and has good versatility. The wire diameter is from 0.1mm to 16mm, the straightness is ±0.05mm, and the minimum length can be cut to 3mm. The length is not limited, and the cutting error can reach ±0.03mm. 

Straightness: 0.05
Straightening speed: 10-40m/min
Equipment size: 1600*630*950
Cutting error: ±0.1mm
Power supply: 380V/50HZ
Power: 5.5KW

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